Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The devolution of American culture

The ending of the movie "Grease" puzzled me.  What was so great about the sweet, modestly-dressed young woman morphing into a skin-tight-pants-wearing sexpot in order to win the heart of a drag-racing "greaser?"  I thought it was generally considered preferable to aspire to rise to a higher social level, not to stoop to a lower one.

Nor was I particularly happy about a recent performance of Beyoncé and her dance troupe at the VMA Awards show.  I clicked on a video of the performance, only to see the singer and her dancers wiggling their literally-80%-naked fannies in the viewers' faces.  I couldn't click it off quickly enough.  This is the way that people behave in public?!

Yes, I know--I've been there and blogged that.

But lest you think that this is just an older woman's rant about missing the good olde days, I have a question for you--do you see any connection between "bad" have become a sometime synonym for "good" and the recent "permission-granted-to-speak-freely" attitude that's made it perfectly acceptable for a person not only to remove his Ku Klux Klan hood and openly admit to being a white supremacist, but to run for public office as one?

In my opinion, the nomination of Donald Trump as the Presidential candidate of a major political party could not have happened without a deterioration of the standards of appropriate behavior.



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